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From the 1860s to 1897, Edwin Isaac Baker took photos of the people and places in both Sussex and Kent Counties. He traveled around photographing castles (including their secret passages and dungeons), homes, country scenes, street scenes, and groups of people posing, picknicking, fishing, and cycling. He also made formal photos in his studio on High Street in Hailsham.

Edwin Isaac Baker's photos were also printed in books of the day, sold as postcards, and organized into albums for each of his children and many friends.

Edwin Isaac Baker and his youngest child, George Joseph Baker. Photo was taken in about 1894.
These are a few pieces of Edwin Isaac Baker's photographic equipment.
The postcard display case and bookshelves in the Baker family's shop on High Street in Hailsham. Edwin Isaac Baker was a photographer, bookseller, stationer and news agent.
Mr. Baker's photos show life at a moment in time
from 100 to 140 years ago..
This shepherd, dressed in his Sunday best, posed for a rare photo with his flock....
Look for this house and you will find a modern housing development in its place instead....
Look for the ruins of Hurstmonceux Castle and you will find a fully restored brick castle that houses Queen's College in Sussex....
Look into the faces of these people who passed away long ago and you just may find your own face reflected back. "Just LOOK at those eyes and forehead. That's ME!" Finding a photo of an ancestor is a truly moving experience and the beginning of a quest to find more photos.

Please wander these pages and enjoy!

Overy 500 photos on these pages are from two of Mr. Baker's albums.
If you can identify any of the subjects, please use the form on the
contact page to let me know.

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