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Edwin Isaac Receives an Album From His Friends and Neighbours
Like his Grandfather and Great Grandfather before him, Edwin Isaac Baker decided to emigrate to the United States. On December 12, 1896 Edwin Isaac Baker, Ruth, Alice, Nellie, and George boarded the United States Mail Steamer 'Paris' in Southampton and steamed to New York. (To see the list of passengers, click here).

In March 1897, the friends and neighbours of Edwin Isaac Baker presented him with an album. Hand-lettered and hand-painted in freehand so patiently and beautifully, inside were photos, taken by Mr. Baker over at least 30 years, of local buildings, landscapes and people of Sussex, England.

It has traveled a long distance, undergone at least one family feud, and is obviously not in the best condition. The pages are a very thick paper, almost like cardboard, tanned from age, edges worn from storage in various old chest of drawers and cedar chests. But it is now being properly preserved and shared, via internet, with the descendants of Mr. Baker, his friends and neighbours.

The cover dedicating the album to Mr. E.I. Baker
who was busy as a bee working in his community.
The second page - "Hailsham, Sussex, England, March 1897."

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The third page - "This album with an accompanying Draught
was presented to Mr. E.I. Baker by his friends and neighbours
as a mark of respect and the kindly feeling with which he is remembered.
They recall with pleasure his readiness to serve all classes alike
and the cheerful energy with which he sought to promote education, temperance,
philanthropic, moral and religious objects at home and abroad.
With this memento they desire to extend to him
their earnest wishes for his happiness."

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