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A List of 'Friends and Neighbours'

(PLEASE NOTE: The names below are grouped by first letter and are listed just as they appear in the album.)

On Saturday, December 12, 1896 Edwin Isaac BAKER and his children - Ruth, Alice, Nellie, and George Joseph - boarded the United States Mail Steamer 'Paris' in Southampton and steamed to New York. (To see photos of the ship's passenger list, click here.) After passing through the gates of Ellis Island, they headed for Chicago where they temporarily lived with Edwin's brother, Caleb Jason BAKER. Later Edwin and George moved to Kansas City.

In March of 1897, friends and neighbours of the Bakers' old home presented Edwin Isaac BAKER with a hand-painted, hand-printed album with the names of 227 'subscribers' written inside. Below is the text and the list of names.
(To see photos of the album, click here.)
"Hailsham, Sussex, England, March 1897
to Mr. E.I. Baker

This album with an accompanying Draught was presented to Mr. E.I. Baker by his friends and neighbours as a mark of respect and the kindly feeling with which he is remembered. They recall with pleasure his readiness to serve all classes alike and the cheerful energy with which he sought to promote education, temperance, philanthropic, moral and religious objects at home and abroad. With this memento they desire to extend to him their earnest wishes for his happiness."

(Unfortunately, the "Draught" was lost somewhere along the line.)


Mr. A. Burtenshaw
S. Cornford
Revd W. J. Clay
Mr. J. Green
Revd F.C. Harvey
Mr. C.U. Jenner
T. Lade
W. Martin
J. Morse
T.H. Parker
E. Strickland
W. Strickland
A.F. Smith
Miss Aires
Mrs. Akers
Miss Allwork
Mrs. Ashdown
Mrs. Atkins
Mrs. Austin
A. Debtor
Mrs. Avery

Mr. Badman
Mrs. G. Beeney
Mrs. Berry
Mr. J. Billing
Miss Busclon
Mrs. Breads
Mr. G. Burton
Mrs. E. Baker
Mrs. W. Baker
Mr. Baum
Mrs. R. Barton
Miss Benn
Mr. W. Burton
Mrs. A Burton
Mr. M. Burton
Mr. J. Burton
Mr. S. Burgess
Mr. T and Mrs. Burgess

Miss Lottie Catt
Miss Lily Catt
Miss Mercy Catt
Miss Coulter
Mr. W. Cockram
Mrs. Cockram
Mr. Percy Cockram
Mrs. W. Cox
Mr. Geo. Colwell
Mrs. Colwell
Mrs. Cooke
Mr. S. Colbran
Mrs. Colbran
Mrs. M. Crouch
Mr. C. Crouch
Mrs. Jonathan Crouch
Mrs. R. Crowhurst
Mrs. Crisford
Mr. Churchill
Geo. W. Carey

Mr. S. Davis
Mrs. Jas. Daw
A. Davison
Mrs. Dive
Miss Dodge
Mr. Dunk
Mr. J. Duke
Mr. Dumbrell
Mr. J. Divall Jr.

Miss U. Ellis
Mr. Ellis
Mrs. Ellis

Mrs. H. Finch
Mr. Fitch
Mrs. Fitch
Mr. W. Ford
Mrs. Ford
Mr. Jas. Funnell
Mrs. M. Funnell
C. F.

Mrs. Geering
Miss Geering
Mr. C. Green
Mrs. Gray
Mrs. Gutsell
Mrs. Guy
Miss Mary Alice Guy
Miss Emily Louise Guy
Miss Ruth Reeves Guy
Dr. Gould
Mr. Mr. Gorman
Mr. W. Green

Mrs. Haffenden
Mrs. H. Harmer
Mrs. Harris
Mr. Obed Hastings
Mr. L. Hide
Mrs. Hide
Mr. Henry Hillman
Mr. A. Hillman
Mrs. G. Holman
Mrs. Hoad
Miss Lydia Head
Mr. Luther Huggett
Mrs. Harriott
Miss Emily Harmer
Mr. Hubbard

Mr. E. Isted

(?) Jones
Miss Jenner
Miss E. Jenner
Miss L. Jenner
Mrs. C.U. Jenner
Miss Jenner
Mr. H. Jones
Mrs. W. Jones

(?) Kennett
Mr. Kerridge
Mrs. Kerridge
Mr. Henry King
Miss Kate King
Miss Louisa King

Mr. Lacey
Mrs. Luke Lade
Mrs. Thos Lade
Mrs. Chas Lade
Mr. Luther Lade
Miss Mirian Lade
Miss Ruth Lade

Mrs Tom Lade
Mrs. Lambert
Mr. L. Lambert
Mr. Lee
Mrs. Lee
Mrs. Amos Levett
Mrs. Lovell

Dr. McDonnell
Mr. Maryan
Mrs. Stephen Martin
Mr. Message
Mr. Morfett
Mr. Eastbourne Morris
Mr. J. Morse
Mr. Sidney Morse
Mr. John Mercer
Mrs. A. Mitchell
Mr. O. Mitchell
Mrs. E. Martin
Mrs. Mannington
Mr. W. Marshall

Miss Newman
Mr. G. Norman
Miss F.E. Norman
Miss M. Norman
Mr. J. Nunn

Mrs. A. Page
Mr. Page
Mr. Parks
Miss Payne
Miss Partridge
Mr. Chas Parks
Mr. Geo Parks
Mrs. John Page
Mr. J.C. Pitcher
Mr. J. Pitcher
Miss Polhill
Mr. C. Pope
Mrs. R. Pope
Miss H. Polhill
Mrs. Puttock
Mr. Pye
(?) Powell
Mr. Penville

Mr. A. Reynolds
Mrs. T. Rich
Mr. Rigglesford
Mrs. Richardson
Miss Richardson
Mrs. G. Roberts

Mr. The Broad Scrase
Miss Sinnock
Miss Sinden
Mrs. M. Seymore
Mr. Snashall
Mr. Sheat
(?) Sinnock
Mr. G. Sturt

Miss Stace
Miss A. Stace
Mr. B. Stonestreet
Mr. W. Stanford
Mrs. Stanford
Mrs. Stubberfield
Mr. C. Stevens
Mrs. C. Stevens
Mrs. Chas Smith
Mr. Southerden
Miss Ann Shellley
Mr. T. Sherwood
Miss Strevett
Mrs. C. Simmons

Mr. J. Tassell
Mr. Tanner
Mr. Terry
Mr. R. Tingley
Mr. Jos Thompson
Mrs. Thompson
Mr. Thornton
Mr. Thynne
Mrs. Thynne
Mr. Farmer Tutt
Mrs. Tompsett

Mr. Unniin
Miss Underwood
Mr. Upton

Mr. W. Vine
Mr. R. Vine
Mrs. E. Vine
Mr. G. Vine
Mr. E. Vine
Mr. F.R. Vine
Mr. T. Vine
Mrs. T. Vine

Mr. S. Wenham
Mr. J.J. White
Mrs. White
Miss M. White
Mr. H. White
Mrs. Woodhams
Mrs. E. Wooller
Mrs. J. Wooller
Mr. Thos Wood
Mrs. Thos Wood
Miss H. Wood
Miss M. Wood
Mr. Junr Wood
Mr. John Wenham
Mrs. Weller
Mrs. Walker
Mr. Chas Walker
Mr. Robert Wright

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